The top 10 situations that are draining your bank account, without you knowing

Top 10 situations that are draining your bank account
Why do you make much money and within some minutes, you can’t even be able to explain what had happened to the money?
Why do you always feel confused, after coming out from the bank?
Why do you become emotionally down, when you hear others talk about their achievement which was made through their money?
However, here you are now, here is the reason why after making a huge amount of money, you still can never become rich.

1. Spending unnecessarily :

This is considered as the main reason when you spend without using your scale of preference. You just go to the market and buy things because they are attractive, and not that you really need them that much.
When you do this, it drains your account. It begins slowly without you knowing and when you realize it, it becomes too late.

However, have you ever wondered why this quote came about ‘what makes you rich is your spending habits and not the money you have ‘. Definitely, here is the answer, if you don’t know how to spend, then know that you will never become rich.

In order to stop this, one should learn how to spend wisely, go for what you really need, rather than what attracts you. There is no doubt that a market is a place where you have a variety of goods to choose from, sometimes it will even be confusing to identify what you want, in as much as this is known, still, it is not a good idea if you allow those eye-catching stuff waylay you into draining your account because of them.

Make your scale of preference and strictly follow it. However not everyone is the same, some get attracted easily, and in this case, it is advisable to stay away from the market often, it will give you less urge and temptation to buy things you didn’t plan for.

2. Keeping up with the latest fashion:

keeping up with the latest fashion

Mostly, this particular issue is normally associated with females. Everyone wants to look sharp, better, fitted, and beautiful. Everyone wants to be attractive and to get attention.
However, we should also check our pockets to see if we can make it. You can’t just spend your resources keeping up with the latest fashion, what if some important issues come up, will your attractiveness and clothes help solve your problems?

Every time your bank is loaded with money, it won’t even take up to a month, it will go down as if it was never filled. It is funny to note that some women prefer fashion to their children? They want to be the hottest person ever, spending heavily on the newest shoes, clothes, hair, bags, and so on.
It is very much advisable to divide your money into 3 parts, one for your need, one for your want, and the other for any emergency and live according to it.

3.Hacking :

In this recent time, hacking of peoples’ accounts is now a routine, in fact, it has gradually become a business. It won’t be a great surprise if it is been included as a subject in Schools.
Hacking is now the latest means of getting money, it is the hottest and treading business so far, very easy to do and worst still, they don’t care about how you made the money.
Consequently, your bank account can be drained this way. It won’t take you some time, to know that the billions of naira you made have disappeared. Therefore, in order to save your self from this bad situation, you must be smart and vigilant. Information concerning your bank should be kept as a secret and not to be shared around like a company’s flyers. Also, mind the type of trade, you put yourself into, mind how you give out your bank account, lastly, shun anyone asking for your BVN number.

3.Investment loss:

As of now, money investment is now an ongoing business. eg, investing $1000 to get $5000. Moreover, there is no doubt that you would encounter the wrong people on the way. Not every investment platform is legit and good. Some are fraudulent, when you invest your hard-earned money, they make do with it and leave you with nothing. This situation will surely help in draining your account whereby you invested almost everything in your bank account.
Therefore, in order to save yourself this drainage, you ought to make use of your common sense. When investing, don’t be too greedy to invest almost everything you have, be conscious, live with precautions, invest bit by bit, little by little. Don’t allow them to dupe you of all your money.

4. Job loss:

in our daily life activities especially in jobs, we must think and have a plan b, c, and d. As a worker, you should not depend only on one work because you don’t know what is in store for you. As fact still holds it, no billionaire made it through having only one work and earning their salary from it. Therefore to become rich, you have to do the same.
For instance, in a case whereby you have one work and one-day you eventually losses it, what will life be like for you? Probably, you won’t even know where to head to. But in the situation whereby you have different works doing, you wouldn’t have to be pissed off when one disappoints you, the other will help you maintain and keep your bank in order.

5. Sudden death:

Imagine when you are still gradually getting up on your feet, and eventually, someone dear to you dies or someone helping you financially, what will you do? In as much as some of your family members will help you arrange for the funeral, still, the weight will be on you, the spending will be on your head, money gotten from friends is just the tip of the iceberg. However, it is expected that you will be in a great state of dilemma (confusion).
Facing an unexpected death is a painful situation you can find yourself in, you wouldn’t have to blame yourself though, death is death, it comes suddenly. However, you won’t have to kill your self, with the little you have, plan yourself ahead, moreover, it is the escape route from this devastating situation.
Don’t let death, make you start all over again.

6. Involvement in a criminal act :

Ask people who committed some dangerous crime, how life is for them when they eventually leave the prison. Talking about crimes I mean fraud, duping, hacking, kidnapping, robbery, smuggling, human trafficking, murder, and other grievous crimes.

Take for instance, in the case of robbery, a man who had robbed as many people as possible eventually getting caught and however kept in prison. First of all, his bank account would be terminated, before even talking about bailing him out. By luck, his family bails him out and he becomes free. Here, you would find out that he would have nothing left, remember that his bank account has been terminated. Therefore, involvement in criminal acts can drain your bank account.

To avoid this drainage, the only remedy for it is to keep off from any type of immoral act. If you care and love your money, I don’t think you will ever involve yourself in any criminal act. Suffer, make your money, and enjoy it. Stop trying to make it through the fastest means because one day it will be completely drained, leaving you devastated, and hopeless.

7 Too much partying:

organizing and going to parties is not a bad idea, there, you make friends, meet new people and finally, feel refreshed. Moreover, one must cut his coat according to his size.
As we all know, some people are already addicted to throwing parties, if they don’t do it, they won’t feel satisfied, they think they really need to show off, they have to showcase what they got.
However, you forgot that you are doing this only to impress people, you displease yourself in order to please others, which you know can never be possible. Why do you have to spend your hard-earned money on people who don’t really deserve everything? Knowing this, you have to start impressing yourself first before others, before you spend, make sure you have calculated it enough so as not to make regretful mistakes.

8. Traffic accidents:

Every road user is meant to know and obey the traffic rules and regulations. They should bear in mind that no one is above the rules and might end up hurting himself or another person when violated.
Moreover, some people would still go against it. As a human being, especially drivers, you ought to be conscious of what you do on the road in other not to get yourself or another person into an accident which will eventually lead you to your bank for safety.

I won’t forget an incident that occurred on the road one certain time, a driver whose car was crushed simply because he refused to obey the traffic light. He wanted to overtake the others, instead got himself into a bigger mess.  He didn’t die, at least he stayed alive to witness the incident and also bear the pain of his car loss.

Therefore, it is good to be very careful on the road, if you don’t care about your life, you have other people who care for theirs. A mistake being made on the road can hurt someone else. Take, for instance, a driver who exceeds his speed limit and ending up hitting an innocent pedestrian. It would not be a good thing at all to bear it in your mind that you killed someone because of your reckless driving. However, in the road line, every life is at risk, so be careful not to cause harm to others.

10. Lack of emergency plan :

when making money, you have to make plans for any emergency. That’s why I explained earlier that your money should be divided into three parts. Money for your need, want, and emergency. When you plan ahead for this, you won’t be taken unawares when one unfortunate incident faces you. Dividing your money and drawing out your plans helps to keep you on the right track, it helps you in making your decisions, especially in your spending habit.
In a case whereby u have no plans and unfortunately happened to be a victim of a fire outbreak, you will sweat out trying to find a solution for your situation. Hence, it is safer to have a future plan, because it will always help in eradicating any further obstacles on the way.

Some general tips that can help you, in the escape route.
 Learn to spend less.
 Avoid getting yourself into any criminal offense, whether fully or partially.
 Learn to set out plans for emergencies.
 Learn to divide your money.
 Learn to obey traffic rules and regulations.
 Learn to obey the rules set out specifically for the drivers.
 Avoid being in the company of a figurative.
I believe this had shown you why your bank account is never going to become huge in life , and ways you can escape from it .

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