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    It is said that when you support a small business, you support a dream. You get to be a contributor to the realization of someone else’s dream. This is not always about money.

    It is a small business we are talking about here, so little acts can go a long way and will be well appreciated. It’s just like helping or contributing to see that child grows, baby food or napkins can do a lot. It’s become a cliche to say it but remains true nonetheless. Small businesses are the lifeblood of our economy.

    It will take years before we fully understand the economic impact of the coronavirus, but one thing is painfully clear right now: Small businesses across the country are facing an existential threat. The global pandemic brought an uncomfortable and sudden shift to the curve. Everyone started looking for a plan B because we do not want to go hungry.

    The majority went into business especially students, selling stuff like clothing, female handbags, small chops, cakes, snacks homewares, make-up accessories you name it. Others learned skills like make-up, writing, tailoring and are earning from these. I can bet that everyone that owns a cloth or small chops vendor on the WhatsApp contact list. Yes, everyone. That’s how large it has grown.

    A friend was complaining to me that she gets no support at all from friends and those on her contact list. She made it clear that only a particular circle of people patronize her and it’s not every time. Maybe once in a month or so, not encouraging at all. I got to know that the kind of support she was talking about was not the one to do with money. Everyone is struggling, you don’t expect to wake up and see an alert of say N500, 000 from your friend. It cannot happen. But, they are little things that can be done even without spending a dime.

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    Building a Small Business / Market Entrepreneur is hard in every sense of the word. These people make not more than N500 from selling a product. From the little profit, they buy mobile data to keep posting their products online and look for customers. Some even fend for themselves. It is charitable to always support these people. There are so many small businesses out there, and I think it’s so important to shop small as well as support local businesses when you can.

    In this article, I will let you know how to put a huge smile on that entrepreneur friend of yours or your favorite online vendor. Here are 9 ways you can support small business, most of them are free so you do not have to break the bank:

    1. Engage in their social media posts:

    Like, comment, tag, share, use hashtags, or sharing their post/story with your own followers and friends. This will increase their visibility on social media platforms and attracts more customers. These platforms have algorithms that when a post gets a lot of engagements, it is shown to more and more people. So next time you see a post from a small business Entrepreneur, do well to engage on it. It does not cost anything. Always drop a nice comment even if you do not intend on buying the product.

    2. Refer / Recommend them to Potential Customers:

    This is a big deal for so many small business owners. The joy and gratitude in their hearts when they know you refer them is second to none. Once you know the products they sell or services they render are of high quality, referring them is always a responsible choice. The goal of every business owner is to reach more customers, so why not? If my friend (check the story above) was referred, she would not have the same set of people buying from her once in a blue moon.

    3. Patronize them:

    When you scroll through their online page, if you see something you like, buy it. You still do not have to break the bank to do this one. Just patronize them if you can afford it, it is that simple. The choice to patronize a small business implies that you will encounter superior client benefit.

    4. Give Positive feedback or review of good Products / Services:

    giving reviews

    This one is actually easy to do. To give a good review, you can take a picture or record yourself using, eating, or wearing the product depending on the method of use. This can be done at your convenience and requires no stress at all. Good feedbacks and reviews drag extra attention from customers because everyone wants to be a satisfied customer.

    5. Hire them as Vendors:

    Entrepreneurs are now often regarded among the simplest employees, bringing the type of creativity, dynamism, and motivation that permits them to seize opportunities and attain great things for employers. they will actually be a crucial ingredient to your workforce, igniting excitement and keenness in other employees. In simpler words, if you have a gathering or a small party, hire that your friend to be the snacks or food vendor. It boosts their small business.

    6. Send them Goodwill Messages:

    Most small business owners are often in doubt and sometimes depressed because of lack of experience yet. This is quite normal but in times like this, they need reasons to keep pushing. Goodwill messages especially when it comes from their customers or people they barely know can alleviate the tension on their bad days. You can motivate them by sending good luck messages for new business and they will be happy to know that you are there for supporting them. If you really love something a small business is doing, share about it! More importantly, share it with them.

    7. Sign up for newsletters on their website:

    The purpose of an email newsletter is to offer those on the list updates concerning their business, products, and services. However, it isn’t something that’s generally used for a tough sell. An email newsletter should desire an update from a stimulating, helpful friend, instead of a pushy salesperson. This is just the business owner keeping in touch with customers. Next time you see one, do well to sign up.

    8. Tip a little extra when buying from them: Cliché, yes but very effective and generous on your side as the giver. Some businesses accept this, some don’t. You can make inquiries and make sure it’s not a taint to their name before tipping. On the other hand, in a scenario where they accept tips, you can do this as a kind gesture. It encourages and adds a little extra to their pockets.

    9. Have them in mind for the future:

    In other words, loyalty helps. Some businesses rely on former customers even as they try to get new ones. Loyalty can stem from many things, but in general, a loyal customer will associate favorable experiences with a brand, therefore, increasing their likelihood to make repeat purchases with that business. If you’ve got the financial means, it is a great idea to stay them in mind and keep shopping with them throughout this point.

    In Conclusion:
    The above are 9 sure ways you can support a small or growing business without breaking the bank or worrying about a great shift in your pocket. Whether your friend has a small business or you have discovered a wonderful business online or on your local high street, show them some love!
    It is not about money or financial support. Small businesses just need a comfortable breeding ground and when they get the right support, they expand and grow beyond measures. You can also volunteer your services and help when needed. Do these, the vendor will thank you then thank me later.

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    What to do with your retirement savings?



    What to do with your retirement savings? ( 4 POINTS)

    One of the best times of life is the retirement period. A secure and safe retirement period where you get to enjoy your retirement savings, after all, you’ve worked hard for a long time and certainly deserves the rest. To best enjoy your retirement, you must have been secured financially “—-[]over-working” over the years. No doubts, expenses are limitless; Children and bills to pay, but probably during the retirement period, kids must have moved out and started living on their own and you have all the time and space to explore. For many retirees, it always a bone of contention knowing what to do with your retirement savings. In case if you’re in this dilemma, here are some tips that might help.

    1: Buy a house:

    One important thing you can do with your retirement savings is to buy a house i.e if you don’t have one. Over the years, you might not have had the privilege of purchasing your own house, the retirement period is one great time to get your own house with your retirement savings. Very important, choose a cozy house that suits your need. However, there’s no reason to splurge your entire retirement savings on buying a house.

    2: Invest:

    Thinking of making extra income while retired, it’s simple! Invest in a business. However, proper research needs to be conducted. You don’t want to take the risk of putting your savings into a business you know so little about. Take the time, research well, and decide. Instead of investing in a business, you can buy shares and bonds.

    3: Start a business:

    This may not be the ideal way to spend your retirement savings. The retirement period is a time for you to be financially secure and happy. But wait! Think about it for a moment. You could decide to take part of your retirement savings and start the ideal business plan you’ve always had. A friend, child, or wife could help you. It’s never too late.

    4: Donate to charity:

    If you’ve been thinking of how to make use of your retirement savings, this is one great tip. Over the working years, you may not have been opportune to donate to charity as often as you may have wanted. Well, here’s a chance. Donating to charity will give you a sense of purpose and the thought of helping to make other lives better while you’re retired is awesome.

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    Originally posted 2020-11-06 19:02:49.

    How to stop spending extravagantly


    These are no easy times. Except you have the money, spending extravagantly in these times could be considered dangerous. Spending extravagantly means when you spend more than you earn and most times, you buy things that you may not necessarily need. The downside of these is that in the long run, spending extravagantly only benefits the shop owners. Without being careful, spending unnecessarily can cause you to result in financial hardship and debt, which may eventually leave you stranded. One good way to start spending well is when you prioritize your needs and have a budget you live on. Here are some tips below that will help.

    1: Buy the things you can afford; A sure way to reduce spending is when you buy only the things you can afford. For you to do this, you have to know your earnings and prioritize your most essential needs. When you do this, you buy the things you can afford with your money without running into debts.

    2: Bulk Purchase;

    bulk purchase
    source: flls

    Little wonder how you begin to save when you buy your stock firsthand in bulk. Buying in bulk is cheaper and helps you to save money rather than buying in pieces. Take an example like Pasta, it’s easier and cheaper to purchase in bulk than it is to purchase piece by piece anytime you need it.

    3: Pressure Purchase ( Oh, I coined this term myself 😁); Have you been in a group of friends and everyone starts to purchase things? And then you join them so as to belong? Yes, that’s what I call; Pressure purchase; buying things you do not necessarily need because others are doing the same. If you want to stop spending extravagantly, discipline yourself to avoid pressure purchase.

    4: Food Wastage: One sure commodity that is expensive is food, and it’s really an irony that we can live without eating. If you want to cut down on spending unnecessarily, stop wasting food. Cook only what is enough for you or your family and guest if you’re expecting any. Store your food in good condition to avoid insects and rodents attack.

    5: Cut down expenses: Most times, we spend or keep buying things that we do not need mostly because it has become a routine for us. If you want to save money and stop spending, then you really need to stop over purchasing and stop buying things you do not need. Also, cut down services that you do not need anymore. Eg
    Mowing the lawn
    Cleaning the house
    If you have the time, you could do it yourself and save some money. Also, it could be fun.

    6: Compare Prices; Most shops and stores sell the same good or services for different prices. If you’re in a tight spot and want to stop spending, you could chill a bit and go the extra mile to purchase a good for a cheaper price, i.e if you’re not in a hurry.

    7:Cash: If you want to stop spending extravagantly then this is one sure top you have to pay attention to. While going out, take only the cash you need. Do not haul your entire money in the bag. Take only what is necessary for you. This way you’ll avoid buying on impulse.

    8.Shop with a list: To avoid spending too much while you go shopping, make a list of what’s important and what you need. This way, you’ll be guided on not going overboard with your spending.

    9: Unsubscribe: In the era of the internet and online information, you might end up spending extravagantly on the internet. Have you subscribed to any services, newsletter that you no longer need? Simple unsubscribe from it or better still reduce the number by prioritising the most important newsletter and magazines.

    Trying all these tips at once may not necessarily work for you, instead, pick the tip most peculiar to you and apply it. Also, be reliable to yourself. One way to do this is to keep track of your budget and spending either weekly or monthly, whatever works for you. Review it from time to time, make corrections, and learn your lessons.
    It is also important that you know your weak point and where or what you spent most on, Avoid such places. Discipline yourself to be accountable for your actions.
    If you think you may not be able to do it alone, tell your family and families to help and guide you through. They can take note of how you are doing and caution you when you tend to go overboard. Spending recklessly in the long run benefits no one, except, of course, The Malls!

    # How to stop spending extravagantly


    Originally posted 2020-11-04 15:33:08.



    We’ve heard often times if not every time that saving money is very important. In fact, I’m sure all of us at a particular time in our lives tried saving money. Some of us might have succeeded but most failed woefully. The reason for the failure could be many things including not knowing how to ‘start’ saving money.

    “Start” is the keyword, because a bad start will definitely lead to a bad outcome unless revitalized.
    There are many places to save money. With the way the world is now, I don’t think anyone would still be complaining about where to save money. Gone are the days you had to give your mom, sibling, or friend money to save for you. We should be particularly grateful to the digital world for that.

    Many people should have become millionaires by now if their friends hadn’t absconded with their money, their siblings blackmail them or their mothers calculate all the pampers they wore and the food they’ve been eating since they were kids, lol. Some people began making use of wooden save which wasn’t too reliable because they could easily access and break it anytime they wanted to.

    Some still make use of it now, though. Others dug holes but were heartbroken after moth and forgetfulness (forgetting the particular spot) dealt with them mercilessly. Some used the system popularly known as akawo (a system where you agree to pay a particular amount daily or weekly to the firm or individual in charge) and were very susceptible to developing heart attack as the individual or firm could close down anytime. I could go on and on but that isn’t the main aim of this article. So, let’s go back to how to ‘start’ saving money.

    1. Choose a system and amount you can easily work with.
    Most times, we’re so optimistic that we leave the border of ‘attainable’ and jump into illusions. A Fashion designer who is sure of making $100 daily can easily drop $10 as savings and still cater for herself. She could even decide to adopt a weekly or monthly system. Whichever way, she is covered.

    But a monthly salary earner wouldn’t adopt a daily or weekly system, it’ll become a burden. The same way, it’ll be foolishness for an independent 25-year-old young man who earns 50k per month, has four younger siblings, pays #300 for t-fare to and from work every day, spends 5k on food every week and deposits 3k monthly to the hospital for his mother’s upkeep to decide to start saving 20k monthly. You can decide to go hungry while saving, but neglecting your responsibilities while saving isn’t so wonderful.

    If this young man is in Nigeria, he obviously won’t be able to keep up with this budget. Unless of course, he decides to neglect himself which is a big risk. Even if he magically pulls this off, he would never remain a happy man. And even if he magically remains a happy man, just a day in the hospital will magically drain all the money he bled to gather. We don’t just eat food to have strength, we eat to remain healthy. And as you know, health is wealth. So what is the very first ‘how’ to ‘start’ saving money? Choose a comfortable system and amount. Might not be very comfortable, but should be comfortable 😎.

    2. Be strictly consistent.

    Don’t be that guy who after promising himself never to skip a date again, skips two. That’s why you have to adopt a comfortable system 😉. Nothing kills the vibe to save like inconsistency, it makes you feel you’re playing games with your resources. It’s better to consistently drop #100 than inconsistently drop #500. It gives you that sense of ‘hmmm I can actually do this’. Yeah, baby, this is exactly how to ‘start saving money.

    3. Be disciplined.
    How many times have you broken that save and reconstruct it? I guess the last time you reconstructed it, you promised yourself never to touch it again until the appointed day, what later happened? 😅. Until you discipline yourself, you’re going nowhere darling. It’s only discipline that can stop you from buying your favorite snack after having lunch even when it is placed directly under your nose.

    You didn’t see save with a trusted person, right? It’s not a mistake. You’d be more relaxed if you know your money is in a registered institution or firm. It’ll motivate you to add to your savings and continue to organically build your money.
    Many persons make the mistake of giving their funds to a totally strange and unpopular firm to save for them, because of promises of interest.
    Most of these firms that use interest rates as a motivation and advertising are fraudsters. It is better to save your money with a trusted firm that doesn’t promise interests. Prioritize your financial security than saving benefits. One major tip for identifying a trusted firm is to check its track record.

    5. Automize your savings
    After selecting a trusted saving firm, you should automate your savings account. To do this, map out the percentage of your income you intend to save every season (week, month, or bimonthly). This will enable your bank to transfer the savings to your savings account. Hence you are building your savings stressless. NB; this works majorly with salary earners and those who have a constant monthly income.

    6, Minimize your monthly expenses.
    This is something you have to do consciously. Sometimes, we spend a lot without knowing it. It is because we are not financially accountable. If the money with you was entrusted in your care by someone, will you spend it without an account?
    Definitely not! You will highlight every detail of your income and expenditure. You’ll also make sure you’re getting the important things only. However, when it comes to yourself, you’re quite careless and irresponsible. This is a very bad lifestyle.
    This is why having a monthly budget is very important, it will help you plan your spendings and proportionate it to your income. At the beginning of every week, endeavor to plan your budget for the day and when there’s a surplus, channel it to your savings.

    7. Stop pitying yourself
    Many persons complain they don’t save because they don’t have money to start saving. This is not true in all cases. No matter how bad it is, you can still save! You just need to stop pitying yourself and adjust your finances to start saving.
    Imagine you had a deadline to buy something for your project in school or at work, won’t you go out of your way to get it?
    That’s how it should be in your savings. Until you see it as important enough, you’ll keep pitying yourself and never start saving.

    Practicing to start saving money could be quite challenging, but talk of which discipline is easy to build. None! Adjusting yourself to any discipline can be very difficult.
    They all require a level of hard work, self-denial, and stress. However, you know that the end will definitely benefit you, so why not cut some slabs and start dropping your dimes.
    Stop crying that you don’t know how to start saving and just start with these tips.

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    Originally posted 2021-01-08 12:52:59.

    Reasons to start a new business after a failure



    Starting a business after failing the first time may not seem like the best option, but if you think about it for a while, you will understand that there’s a lot of benefits, and it may be the best time to start a business. Undoubtedly, there’s a lot of disappointments after your business fails the first time. Thousands or millions of naira might have been invested and now it’s all gone, it’s never easy to take in. Looking at the bright side of it though, you’ll realize that failing it the first time will give a chance to do it better the next time. Roughly, 50% of businesses have failed in the first four years. Looking and following every successful business person in history and present, it’s rare, and I say very rare to find someone who got it perfect the first time. Several challenges and hurdles must be crossed. Here are some of the reasons why you should consider starting a business even after you’ve failed.

    1: Know what you’re passionate about.

    Ever wondered why business experts keep emphasizing the importance of having a business you’re passionate about; this will ensure that you’re able and willing to weather through the challenges and stay resilient. It is very important that you understand your passion. So, perhaps you started a tech-based business and failed, in the process of setting and running a business you seem to have lost interest and remained frustrated all the time, it might be best to rethink a business idea. It may be okay to start a business because it’s profitable, but in the long run, only passion will keep you going.

    2: Lessons Learnt.

    Once bitten, twice shy. Repeating a mistake is a habit, some might say. Using a tech business as an example again, it is important that you take note of where you might have gone wrong and other several things to correct. This is a strategic way to approach a business and ensures that same mistakes are not repeated. Perhaps you started a tech business in a rural environment, the next time you set out, you’ll consider changing a location.

    3: Stronger resolve.

    It is said, “What doesn’t kill you makes you stronger”. Failing at a business is hard and disappointing, most people give up at this point and rule out the chances of them succeeding in a business. When life throws lemons at you, throw them back and ask for chocolates (grins). Failure may represent something good only if you look at the bright side. You’ll build a stronger conviction to succeed at your business if you’ve failed the first time.

    4: Work with a team.

    When you’ve resolved to start a business after failing the first time, you might consider working with a team. This allows you to focus primarily on what you’re good at, causing you to be more productive. Also, working with a team helps in the delegation of activities thereby eliminating stress.

    After all is been said, starting a business after failure is never easy, but maybe the best time to forge ahead. Starting a business after failing would need some critical thinking and analysis, so take time for yourself, rethink, and conclude. In the meanwhile, read books about personal development. A person’s attitude greatly affects his business productivity. Also, read books about business and economic factors, most times the cause of business failure may be external factors. Invest in yourself. Knowledge fails no one.

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    Originally posted 2020-12-02 15:03:37.

    The top 10 situations that are draining your bank account, without you knowing


    Top 10 situations that are draining your bank account
    Why do you make much money and within some minutes, you can’t even be able to explain what had happened to the money?
    Why do you always feel confused, after coming out from the bank?
    Why do you become emotionally down, when you hear others talk about their achievement which was made through their money?
    However, here you are now, here is the reason why after making a huge amount of money, you still can never become rich.

    1. Spending unnecessarily :

    This is considered as the main reason when you spend without using your scale of preference. You just go to the market and buy things because they are attractive, and not that you really need them that much.
    When you do this, it drains your account. It begins slowly without you knowing and when you realize it, it becomes too late.

    However, have you ever wondered why this quote came about ‘what makes you rich is your spending habits and not the money you have ‘. Definitely, here is the answer, if you don’t know how to spend, then know that you will never become rich.

    In order to stop this, one should learn how to spend wisely, go for what you really need, rather than what attracts you. There is no doubt that a market is a place where you have a variety of goods to choose from, sometimes it will even be confusing to identify what you want, in as much as this is known, still, it is not a good idea if you allow those eye-catching stuff waylay you into draining your account because of them.

    Make your scale of preference and strictly follow it. However not everyone is the same, some get attracted easily, and in this case, it is advisable to stay away from the market often, it will give you less urge and temptation to buy things you didn’t plan for.

    2. Keeping up with the latest fashion:

    keeping up with the latest fashion

    Mostly, this particular issue is normally associated with females. Everyone wants to look sharp, better, fitted, and beautiful. Everyone wants to be attractive and to get attention.
    However, we should also check our pockets to see if we can make it. You can’t just spend your resources keeping up with the latest fashion, what if some important issues come up, will your attractiveness and clothes help solve your problems?

    Every time your bank is loaded with money, it won’t even take up to a month, it will go down as if it was never filled. It is funny to note that some women prefer fashion to their children? They want to be the hottest person ever, spending heavily on the newest shoes, clothes, hair, bags, and so on.
    It is very much advisable to divide your money into 3 parts, one for your need, one for your want, and the other for any emergency and live according to it.

    3.Hacking :

    In this recent time, hacking of peoples’ accounts is now a routine, in fact, it has gradually become a business. It won’t be a great surprise if it is been included as a subject in Schools.
    Hacking is now the latest means of getting money, it is the hottest and treading business so far, very easy to do and worst still, they don’t care about how you made the money.
    Consequently, your bank account can be drained this way. It won’t take you some time, to know that the billions of naira you made have disappeared. Therefore, in order to save your self from this bad situation, you must be smart and vigilant. Information concerning your bank should be kept as a secret and not to be shared around like a company’s flyers. Also, mind the type of trade, you put yourself into, mind how you give out your bank account, lastly, shun anyone asking for your BVN number.

    3.Investment loss:

    As of now, money investment is now an ongoing business. eg, investing $1000 to get $5000. Moreover, there is no doubt that you would encounter the wrong people on the way. Not every investment platform is legit and good. Some are fraudulent, when you invest your hard-earned money, they make do with it and leave you with nothing. This situation will surely help in draining your account whereby you invested almost everything in your bank account.
    Therefore, in order to save yourself this drainage, you ought to make use of your common sense. When investing, don’t be too greedy to invest almost everything you have, be conscious, live with precautions, invest bit by bit, little by little. Don’t allow them to dupe you of all your money.

    4. Job loss:

    in our daily life activities especially in jobs, we must think and have a plan b, c, and d. As a worker, you should not depend only on one work because you don’t know what is in store for you. As fact still holds it, no billionaire made it through having only one work and earning their salary from it. Therefore to become rich, you have to do the same.
    For instance, in a case whereby you have one work and one-day you eventually losses it, what will life be like for you? Probably, you won’t even know where to head to. But in the situation whereby you have different works doing, you wouldn’t have to be pissed off when one disappoints you, the other will help you maintain and keep your bank in order.

    5. Sudden death:

    Imagine when you are still gradually getting up on your feet, and eventually, someone dear to you dies or someone helping you financially, what will you do? In as much as some of your family members will help you arrange for the funeral, still, the weight will be on you, the spending will be on your head, money gotten from friends is just the tip of the iceberg. However, it is expected that you will be in a great state of dilemma (confusion).
    Facing an unexpected death is a painful situation you can find yourself in, you wouldn’t have to blame yourself though, death is death, it comes suddenly. However, you won’t have to kill your self, with the little you have, plan yourself ahead, moreover, it is the escape route from this devastating situation.
    Don’t let death, make you start all over again.

    6. Involvement in a criminal act :

    Ask people who committed some dangerous crime, how life is for them when they eventually leave the prison. Talking about crimes I mean fraud, duping, hacking, kidnapping, robbery, smuggling, human trafficking, murder, and other grievous crimes.

    Take for instance, in the case of robbery, a man who had robbed as many people as possible eventually getting caught and however kept in prison. First of all, his bank account would be terminated, before even talking about bailing him out. By luck, his family bails him out and he becomes free. Here, you would find out that he would have nothing left, remember that his bank account has been terminated. Therefore, involvement in criminal acts can drain your bank account.

    To avoid this drainage, the only remedy for it is to keep off from any type of immoral act. If you care and love your money, I don’t think you will ever involve yourself in any criminal act. Suffer, make your money, and enjoy it. Stop trying to make it through the fastest means because one day it will be completely drained, leaving you devastated, and hopeless.

    7 Too much partying:

    organizing and going to parties is not a bad idea, there, you make friends, meet new people and finally, feel refreshed. Moreover, one must cut his coat according to his size.
    As we all know, some people are already addicted to throwing parties, if they don’t do it, they won’t feel satisfied, they think they really need to show off, they have to showcase what they got.
    However, you forgot that you are doing this only to impress people, you displease yourself in order to please others, which you know can never be possible. Why do you have to spend your hard-earned money on people who don’t really deserve everything? Knowing this, you have to start impressing yourself first before others, before you spend, make sure you have calculated it enough so as not to make regretful mistakes.

    8. Traffic accidents:

    Every road user is meant to know and obey the traffic rules and regulations. They should bear in mind that no one is above the rules and might end up hurting himself or another person when violated.
    Moreover, some people would still go against it. As a human being, especially drivers, you ought to be conscious of what you do on the road in other not to get yourself or another person into an accident which will eventually lead you to your bank for safety.

    I won’t forget an incident that occurred on the road one certain time, a driver whose car was crushed simply because he refused to obey the traffic light. He wanted to overtake the others, instead got himself into a bigger mess.  He didn’t die, at least he stayed alive to witness the incident and also bear the pain of his car loss.

    Therefore, it is good to be very careful on the road, if you don’t care about your life, you have other people who care for theirs. A mistake being made on the road can hurt someone else. Take, for instance, a driver who exceeds his speed limit and ending up hitting an innocent pedestrian. It would not be a good thing at all to bear it in your mind that you killed someone because of your reckless driving. However, in the road line, every life is at risk, so be careful not to cause harm to others.

    10. Lack of emergency plan :

    when making money, you have to make plans for any emergency. That’s why I explained earlier that your money should be divided into three parts. Money for your need, want, and emergency. When you plan ahead for this, you won’t be taken unawares when one unfortunate incident faces you. Dividing your money and drawing out your plans helps to keep you on the right track, it helps you in making your decisions, especially in your spending habit.
    In a case whereby u have no plans and unfortunately happened to be a victim of a fire outbreak, you will sweat out trying to find a solution for your situation. Hence, it is safer to have a future plan, because it will always help in eradicating any further obstacles on the way.

    Some general tips that can help you, in the escape route.
     Learn to spend less.
     Avoid getting yourself into any criminal offense, whether fully or partially.
     Learn to set out plans for emergencies.
     Learn to divide your money.
     Learn to obey traffic rules and regulations.
     Learn to obey the rules set out specifically for the drivers.
     Avoid being in the company of a figurative.
    I believe this had shown you why your bank account is never going to become huge in life , and ways you can escape from it .

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